Evora GT410 SPORT





PERFORMANCE* Manual Automatic
Max power 410 hp (416 ps) 410 hp (416 ps)
Max torque 310 lbft (420 Nm) 310 lbft (420 Nm)
0-100 km/h 4.2 seconds 4.1 seconds
Max speed 190 mph (305 kph) 171 mph (275 kph)
Kerb weight 1,320 kg 1,331 kg



Relentless in its development of world-class sports cars, Lotus has unveiled the new Evora GT410 Sport to complete the revised line-up of Hethel’s fastest model. Launched in Lotus’ 70th year and ahead of its anniversary celebrations, the new Evora GT410 Sport takes one of Lotus’ success stories, and refines it through the application of enlightened design. Available in both 2 seat and 2+2 configurations, and in manual and automatic transmissions, the Evora GT410 Sport draws from the phenomenal Evora GT430 to provide advanced aerodynamics to an already celebrated sports car. Combining the latest design philosophy with a car acclaimed by both critics and customers, it packs raw performance with Lotus’ latest aerodynamic developments, to provide a first-class replacement for the Evora Sport 410 model.